Energy Transition Partners

Energy Transition Partners will focus on the energy transition sector in Europe. It is seeking targets which aim to be market leaders in, and/or benefit from, the increasing global market, policy and technology initiatives to decarbonise the world’s energy mix, improve the efficiency and stability of energy ecosystems, and reduce emissions and environmental impact.


Energy Transition Partners completed its IPO on 19 Jul 2021 and is listed on Euronext Amsterdam. It raised EUR 175.0m in its IPO. Each IPO investor received a unit consisting of 1 share and 1/3 of a warrant. The warrants have an exercise price of 11.50. The sponsor is Energy Transition Sponsor LLP and they purchased 5.7% (EUR 10.0m) at the IPO alongside other investors. The sponsor invested EUR 9.8m of Founders Capital-At-Risk. The Founder Shares constitute 20.0% of the company's shares at IPO (on an as-converted basis). The company has 640 days remaining to announce its business combination.
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